Human Rights Day

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HUMAN RIGHTS - Because peace is possible when our basic human needs are met.

As a girl growing up in a small village in Holland I didn’t realize that some people had their basic human rights taken away from them, until I traveled the world and was exposed to different cultures and communities. As an 11 year old girl at the time my whole perspective on life had changed forever. I started wondering WHY. Why do I live so differently to some people in India only because I was born on the other side of the world? How come I have always been in school but for some people education isn’t even an option? These questions bubbled in my brain and I learnt about the Human Rights.


If you are human you have:

The right to education

The right to your own things

The right to equality

The right to own property


However, some people don’t have these human rights. TODAY on Human Rights Day, set a goal for yourself to contribute any way you can to make sure more people have access to all the human rights!




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