Shipping Policy

General Shipping Information

  • Nalu Ships worldwide with Royal Mail DHL express 
  • Orders are sent out within 3 - 5 days after receipt of order (on average)
  • Nalu ships from our Bali, and our London warehouses
  • Duty fees and/or import taxes may apply to your country 

Instances of extended shipping times

In some cases, the average delivery time is extended to 10 working days. This occurs when the item our customer ordered has been sold out in our London warehouse. In such instances, the item would need to be reproduced at our production facility in Bali before being shipped out to London and then to our customer. This process involves meticulous attention to detail to ensure that each item meets our quality and sustainability standards that reflect the unique essence of Nalu. 

While we make every effort to keep our inventory well-stocked, occasional fluctuations in demand may result in temporary shortages of certain products. In these cases, our customer will be notified by email.

Shipping Fees

  • Nalu contributes to our customers shipment fees in order to make prices more affordable
  • Shipping prices are based on your country, location and weight 
  • Shipping prices do not include import duties and/or VAT and/or GST

Return Policy 

All sales are final, and the Company does not offer any money-back guarantees. You will not be entitled to a refund for any purchase under any circumstances. We do not accept any returns due to you choosing the wrong size. We do not accept any returns due to custom duties, foreign taxes or other fees which may be enforced by the importing country.

Estimated Rates 

These are the estimated rates for our most popular countries. If you don't see your country, simply refer to your continent as a price reference. Prices are based on weight, so depending on the size of your cart these rates may fluctuate at checkout.

Continent  Country Average Delivery Time Rates Starting From 
Asia Bali  1 business day £5 or FREE
Europe United Kingdom 2 - 3 business days £5 or FREE
Asia  Indonesia 1 - 3 business days £7.90 or FREE
Asia Singapore 1 - 3 business days £7.90 or FREE
Asia Japan 2 - 4 business days £15
Oceania Australia 3 - 5 business days £15 
America  United States 3 - 5 business days £15 or FREE
North America Canada 3 - 5 business days £15 or FREE
South Asia India  3 - 5 business days £15
Europe  All Countries 3 - 5 business days £12
South America Brazil 3 - 5 business days £20
Africa All Countries 4 - 7 business days £20

Import Taxes: Duty Fees and/or VAT (value added tax)

  • Nalu covers export taxes, however additional import taxes may apply when importing to certain countries 
  • Duties, taxes and VAT vary from country to country and are uncontrollable by Nalu

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience of these extra fees.
Unfortunately these fees are implemented by government as per individual policies and regulations which are out of the control of our company.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Remote Area Deliveries

    In the unlikely case of a 'remote area delivery', additional costs may apply. This is when DHL classifies a zip code as remote, and harder to get to. In these cases, DHL charges additional processing fees which will be the consumers responsibility to pay.