Nalu Academy

by Dali & Finn Schonfelder

We started Nalu more than three years ago. At the start when people asked us how they could bring Nalu into their own community we put a lot of energy into helping them. But as the amount of people increased, so did the time that we needed to commit to enthusiastic helpers. As you can imagine, at one point, it became unsustainable for us to manage. At the same time, we valued and appreciated people wanting to help but simply did not have the quality time to spend.

We did not want to let this chance to involve more people slip bye though. Our wish was that more youth leaders could help us, help other less fortunate children stay at school instead of ending up in factories at 12 years old or having several teenage pregnancies. We also wanted to give other youth the chance to earn some money while helping others since this is the core of Nalu as an impact, for profit company.  So we stood back and thought about the best possible way to make this work in an organized, predictable and strategic manner.

Last summer, while on a giving trip in India, the idea of the Nalu Academy was born. Our dream was to create an online program made by youth to share with other youth. To provide a learning opportunity at your own pace when time allowed. We wanted to share all of the entrepreneurial and philanthropic skills that Finn and I have learnt this past 3 years.

Our estimate is that it will take around 4 months if you spend 2 hours a week on it. More months if you spend less time weekly but whatever rhythm suits you, suits us too. Each ripple has some questions, some reading, a film made by us to watch and some links to TED talks and relevant Youtube films. The Nalu academy is not just a theory, but a real life chance to start your own business in your community.

The word NALU means wave so we have named each section a “ripple”.

Ripple 1. R.U.U. Here we discover our own natural talents and tendencies. Here we identify what we really like to do and what we don’t want to do. We share about reactive and responsive behavior and learn how to keep centered.

Ripple 2. Business skills. Here we learn how to start our business. We learn the basics of money management, saving and time management skills. Your choices matter.

Ripple 3. Collaboration, community and TEAM work. What is it like to belong to an international team of youth who want to make the world a better place. What character traits are required. How do you keep important relationships in your community alive and what does it mean to develop “follow through” behavior?

Ripple 4. Sales. We share the tools that we have learnt on how to sell. There are many different scenarios to selling and we have made a film on this to explain it. Like any skill, the more you practice it, the better you become at it.

Ripple 5. Public speaking and communication. We were such nervous public speakers in the beginning of Nalu but now we get invited to speak all over the world. To be a leader you need some strong communication skills. We walk you through the anatomy of a perfect pitch and help you prepare for a successful presentation with your family and friends.

Ripple 6. Mastering social media. We’ve got some creative tips for you without losing your own authenticity of your page. In this section, we’ve got some warnings regarding social media too. Social media is a powerful tool for us. Great to master it but such an addiction and time waster to be mastered by it.

Ripple 7. Let’s give together. This is the trophy of completing the academy. Our aim is that you have sold enough Nalu products in your own community (with your own profit too) that you can pay your own way to join us in India. These giving trips are so special, and so personally rewarding.

Since we are just beginning, we have an early adopter price of 990 USD. In March, 2018, we will officially launch it at the United Nations in New York City and the price will be 1550 USD.

We hope that you can join us!



Dali and Finn.


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  • Hi can you tell me more about the Nalu academy, like how to get started, etc?


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