New York City: New City, New Journey

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Greetings from New York!

My family and I just moved to New York City because I got accepted to Parsons School of Design. I will be starting in January 2018 and I am so excited! My family also came along to New York to help me settle in and meet the people who are helping us with Nalu.

Autumn in New York has also been unbelievable so far. We've had so many awesome opportunities to connect and share our Nalu stories with like-minded people, including with another amazing family who have hopped onboard with Nalu. We went over to the Hamptons to visit them, and we're excited to introduce another inspiring youth, Tamara (12) as our new Nalu Ambassador in New York. Her mom Claudia works at the United Nations, and her fiancé Richard runs one of the biggest PR firms in the world. Tamara’s brother, Joshua, is also doing great things to help the community through his initiative that helps farms save water. We're equally as inspired by this family and were humbled as they welcomed our family so warmly.

We are all so excited to see what we are going to make of these next few months here together.

Stay tuned!

xx, Dali

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