Nalu Giving Trip Update!

by Finn Schonfelder

The Nalu team is in India!!

We’ve organized a month trip to India to fulfil our promise of delivering school uniforms to children in need. We gave an estimate value of 4000 school uniforms in the central and south part of India.

Our day started out with the whole Nalu team waking up with a special and powerful energy. The bell rang for breakfast and we all assembled at the table. We ate our breakfast, shared some ideas, and started the trip to the school.

When we arrived at the school we were welcomed by the headmasters and three beautiful girls dressed in India’s traditional sari. We were given a red dot on our forehead to represent the third eye and a few grains of rice.

After the welcoming ceremony, we walked through two lines of young ladies clapping their hands and showing their gratitude towards us. The two lines stopped at the headmaster’s office where we were welcomed by the rest of the teachers and had traditional meal and chai tea. This was really heart warming because a meal and chai is expensive for this low income school.

We were then presented with flowers as a symbol of gratitude. The school has never had any donors at all which has affected the school intensely. After the flowers were handed out, we were presented with another special surprise. The whole school was lined up perfectly in the middle of the field. Sorted by gender and grade they were standing under the cloudy sky. We took our seats in front of all these students and waited for what’s next. From behind us came three young girls in more traditional sari’s. They presented a beautiful song and a dance. This touched all our hearts and we couldn't wait to start giving and fulfil our promise.

We finally started to hand out our uniforms, and the faces of the parents, students and teachers started to glow. I have never seen someone so happy to stay in school. But not only were we giving back to the school, we are also giving back to the community by keeping it safer and cleaner by keeping kids off the streets. As the giving slowly started to come to an end, we all broke off and started to interact with the kids. We did some activities like playing pass the ball, running together and also playing cricket where we were able to bring both the girls and boys together which was almost unheard of in an Indian school. In the end, we didn't just give school uniforms - we gave love, joy, happiness and most of all we are giving them a future. To us this was what we came for, to see smiles on their faces and their excitement for education.

- Finn

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