And So Our Giving Trip Journey Begins..

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We are off to central, hot, dusty holy India!

We do this on your behalf to give away around 4000 school uniforms. We have had our best year of selling Nalu products to date, which allows us to give a new record number of school uniforms.  This trip will be joined by a small group of friends and a film crew to help us document the event so that we can share it with you. Please write to us if you would like to join us on one of our trips one day. 

Watch our Instagram and Facebook page as we show you the schools as well as local women that you’ve helped us help. We are both humbled and grateful to have this opportunity to give these essential uniforms.

Sometimes we ask ourselves, “what would happen if we did not do Nalu and give the school uniforms?” Well, teenage pregnancy would probably trend upwards again, school attendance would decrease and school enrollment would drop off significantly. Above all, education helps break poverty cycle, and without the essential school uniforms, children would have very limited opportunity of breaking it.

So stay tuned, much love, Dali & Finn x

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