New York City

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Today I heard the most surprising and awesome news that could make Nalu a global brand. My two parents gave us some news, "Finn and Dali, pack your bags! We're heading to New York City!" Dali and I got knocked off our socks when we heard this! We got so excited, we couldn't even think straight anymore! So a week later we found ourselves walking around the streets of the great Manhattan. There was so much stuff, that my eye couldn't even see everything! We looked in about 100 shops in the first 10 minutes! We had the biggest blast looking for inspiration to make more t's, bags, jeans etc. We were traveling with our very good friend named Jen. She was a typical New Yorker, hip clothes, nice red hair and an iPhone. We were so excited to see her and so was she. After we looked in almost every single store in Times Square, Jen took us too a nice New York restaurant. My dad and I shared one of the nicest pizzas of my life and my sister had pasta. We laughed more than we spoke. Then my my family and I looked at each other and we all seemed satisfied. What a day!

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