Up to India...

by Dali & Finn Schonfelder

Thanks to the community of green school my bother and I (Finn grade 6 and I dali grade 8) have sold more than 700 caps and t-shirts clothing line NALU. Our promise to the people that bought our products was to give a school uniform to a child in India who otherwise must leave school. So we arrived in holy India with the goal of giving 500 school uniforms and employing local woman to tailor the school uniforms. Our arrival was pretty funny, typical India! First my thumb print at the Indian counter didn’t work so I need to press harder until the pint where my thumb nearly fell of because of the lack of look circulation. I had to repeat it atlas ten times. We finally got through the long lines of immigration and felt the fresh air of India. The incense, the samosas, the hot air, the sound of tuck tuck and the smell of chi tea. India is such an inspiration to me. as we walked through hundreds of indian citizens wolfing their heads side to side we got to the car that would bring us to our hotel in Ganesh Puri, one and a half hours away. Even though we just had a nice and a half hour flight from Bali to India, and it was around 2:30 am Bali time, the rush of excitement of India kept me awake the whole car ride. 

Through the car window I could see a huge range of poverty and wealth. The poor slums where right next to the expensive hotels. The slums looked miserable next to the huge lid up buildings. We continued our drive through the bumpy roads and the happy sound of Bollywood music in the background. I must have fallen a sleep because the only thing I remembered was the sight of my bed that never looked as good as I saw it right there. 

Thanks for buying our products and making our dream come alive.

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  • Hey guys,

    I was in Bali this time last year and I purchased the Bali trucker cap in black, do you have some? I’m in New Zealand can I order online. I loved it and I can only find the white one on your website. Justine 🙂😅

    Justine -

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