Creation Story

Vision and Mission

We envision a world where every child has access to a basic school education. Nalu makes a real positive impact by empowering children to break their own poverty cycle and keeping thousands of kids in school every year.

In turn, Nalu inspires other caring youth to get out there and do some good.


Origins of Nalu

While traveling in India in 2011, Nalu founders Dali and Finn, 11 and 8 years-old at the time, witnessed the hardship of many friends who were not allowed to attend school simply because they could not afford the compulsory school uniform. 

Nalu started as a spontaneous desire from Dali and Finn to help their friends go to and stay in school. Their plan was simple; designing and selling t-shirts to raise money to buy school uniforms for their friends so that they could continue their education. To this day, for every 4 products they sell, they give a school uniform to a child who needs one. 

How is it possible that something as simple and as affordable as a school uniform can have such a measurable impact on the future of a child?  

Education breaks the poverty cycle. Nalu is solving this issue one school uniform at a time.