Good To Know

Nalu is giving in three different countries now! India, Bali and Kenya. Our next giving country will be Uganda. These giving trips are an amazing experience for both us and the children who are receiving the uniforms! We believe that giving school uniforms doesn't solve everything but it certainly solves a need. We are breaking the poverty cycle by giving children the opportunity to continue their education by giving school uniforms. 


The children that we choose (on your behalf) to give to is not a random thing. We went to school with them in 2011! We built friendships with these awesome children. These children know us and they trust us. They know we wont do anything insane (we do a lot of insane stuff!)
  • They live in rural India, near Mumbai.
  • They currently live on less than 20 cents a day.
  • 50% have no parents.
  • Those that do have parents see them twice a year.
  • They come mostly from Tribal families living too far away from schools to be able to attend school.
  • 100% of them have no shoes.
  • If they have a uniform, it is worn out, missing buttons, and does not fit correctly.
  • The age group is school age children from 5 -18 years old.




    DID YOU KNOW? That for every t-shirt produced, we add 150ml of petrochemicals into the Earth. Our goal is to sustainably produce our clothes, so we searched for the cleanest clothing factory in India.

    • This factory has a negative carbon footprint because they operate off their own wind energy
    • They reuse 90% of their water
    • They use biodegradable dyes
    • Farmers are fair trade certified
    • Workers are fair wear certified
    • The cotton is certified organic!
    Check out the video we did to learn more about what goes into the production of our Nalu clothes!