Why Education Matters

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Hi there! I'm the co-founder of Nalu and here is why education

matters to me.


Education is important because it breaks the poverty cycle. Nalu is a fashion label

based in Bali that aims towards this. With the products that we sell we give a school

uniform to children in need so that they can continue with their schooling.

In India, the government stops providing school uniforms to children after grade

seven: therefore they drop out of school and automatically get put back into the

poverty cycle, simply because they cannot afford a school uniform. When Nalu

provides them with a school uniform, they get their education back which will better

their lives exponentially.


One of my biggest inspirations is Malala: she is capable of standing up for herself,

others, and the uneducated because education has changed her life as well. Malala

was shot in the head by the Taliban simply because she is fighting for the right for

education for all the kids. After reading her book about how it changed her life, it

inspired me to learn more and help others to learn too.


Education has made me think of things in a different way. I have learnt how to read,

write, solve problems and even challenge what I have learnt about the World: these

are skills I will continue to use and expand throughout my whole life. Because of

education I have had the incredible opportunity to learn about kids all over the world

that don't have access to education the same way I do. This is why I started Nalu

with my sister and this is why Education is so important.

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